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Order a Home Inspection

Why Should I Get A Home Inspection?

If you are purchasing your first home or your 99th home it is important to have a licensed professional inspect the home.  The reasons for getting a home inspection are endless; however, the number one reason is to give a buyer more detailed information about the overall condition of a home prior to purchase.  A home inspection will provide an unbiased, in-depth look into the physical condition of a home (structure, construction, and mechanical systems) and identify problems and items that need to be repaired or replaced.

If you are selling your home it would be very beneficial to know up-front what costly repairs may be ahead of you prior to setting a price.  By having a home inspection completed prior to listing the home, you will be able to make sure your home is move-in-ready.  And that is what a majority of buyers look for when purchasing a home.

If you are just wanting to give your home a good check-up, then a home inspection is right for you.  If you have not crawled around in your crawlspace lately to look for issues or looked around in the attic for issues, then how do you know that there is not a small plumbing or roof leak just waiting to become a large leak and large problem?  With a quick home inspection check-up, you will know what issues you may have or you will be assured that your home is in good condition. The video above will give you a little more information on why a home inspection is so important.

Examples of Issues Found During Home Inspections.