Where should we test for lead-based paint?

Posted on : 14-09-2010 | By : Chris | In : Home Care Tips


The most important areas to test for lead are those areas where children spend a lot of time, such as bedrooms, playrooms, kitchens, and play-yards. It is especially important to test these areas if there is bare soil or if paint is peeling or chipping.

You should also test places where you plan to repaint or remodel. Test several different spots. If you are testing paint, test each different paint color. If you are testing soil, test different bare soil areas.

Some good places to test for lead-based paint are…

window frames and sills

doors, door jambs and thresholds

trim and siding

kitchen cabinets

painted children’s furniture


Some good places to test for lead-contaminated soil are…

around the foundation of the house

where children play

unpaved pathways

under windows or walls with peeling or chipping paint

where pets play or rest

areas near traffic

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