Do you know how to keep snakes out of your crawlspace and yard?

Posted on : 13-10-2010 | By : Chris | In : Home Care Tips


There are a few simple steps that a homeowner can take to help keep snakes away from their home.  If you have a crawlspace first make sure that there are no snakes currently in the crawlspace and if so have them removed.  Then make sure that all of the crawlspace vents have their screens attached to make sure pest cannot enter through them.  Next you will take some moth balls and place them into a nylon stocking and place these stockings around the interior of the crawlspace.  They can also be placed throughout the yard and hung in trees to help keep them from entering your yard.  The smell will help keep the snakes away and maybe a few friends as well.  If you have questions, please give us a call.

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