Have You Checked Your Roof’s Plumbing Vent Boots?

Posted on : 31-10-2011 | By : Chris | In : Home Care Tips


With the cold air arriving and winter not far behind, now is the time to inspect the plumbing vent boots on your roof.  These are usually first to go on a roof.  You will be looking for any cracks on the boot and any separation from the vent pipe and the boot.  This can be done by observing from the ground with a pair of binoculars or by carefully getting on the roof to view them.  You can also view them from the attic to see if any daylight is visible around the vent pipes.  With winter coming and the chance of snow with it, the chance of a roof leak from a cracked plumbing boot increases.  Since snow accumulates on top of the boots, it is more likely for them to leak as the snow melts.  So take 5 minutes and inspect your roof’s plumbing vent boots.

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